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A cosmopolitan

We believe the best work results from a partnership of equals, so Equus operates more like a family, where nobody is considered more important than anyone else. But being equal doesn’t mean being the same. The Equus team is a cosmopolitan crowd with a cultural diversity which broadens our outlook, enriches our work, and generally makes life more interesting. 

  • Managing Partners
    • Andrew Thomas
      • Design-driven strategic direction.

        As the senior partner of Equus, Andrew is the ‘visioneer’ who sets the strategic direction for the company and provides branding and design consultancy. After 30 years in the design industry he has developed hard-won expertise in the visual and editorial expression of brand strategy, particularly in printed communications, where he combines design talent with accomplished writing skills. His award-winning creative leadership over the years has put Equus on the global design industry map.

        His alter ego is as a nostalgia freak, restoring classics back to their retro glory. His latest project is a 60s Vespa.

    • Chia Chay Hwa
      • A rare gift for understanding clients and creatives alike.

        Chay Hwa is a founding partner of Equus, with an extensive track record in international design consultancy management. A finance director by training, she heads the Client Servicing team and steers the Business Development effort, as well as overseeing finance matters. Chay Hwa keeps us on our toes and helps achieve project objectives on time and on budget. She de-stresses through baking, bringing in the results for all the studio to enjoy - she says in her next life she wants to be a patissiere.