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Er Chinese Artisanal Winery

Chinese artisanal winery

China’s love of wine and winemaking actually stretches back over 4,000 years, a tradition which had been buried in the dust of recent history. Today China is rediscovering its love of wine with comsumption growing apace, and Chinese wines are even beginning to beat premier French wines in blind tasting. Wine lovers in China are becoming increasingly discerning as the market matures, making it the perfect time to launch a Chinese artisal winery.

Our concept is a Chinese bespoke wine label called ‘Er’, meaning ‘two’ in Mandarin, inspired by the Chinese duality of Yin and Yang which influences their perspective on reality and beauty. Er will produce only a limited amount of wine each year, of a quality which guarantees instant collectibility. The collection is comprised of six individually named wines, each contained in a uniquely shaped bottle made of two traditional Chinese materials, reflecting the brand name. China’s ancient proverbs provide the inspiration for our collection, with names such as Wind Frost (Ice wine) and Black Stork (Pinotage).