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Sans Luxury Boat Builder

Luxury boat builder

Today the concept of ‘Eco’ has moved on. No longer seen as a fringe interest, we expect the things around us to respect the earth in their creation and use. We want technology to learn from nature, not try and control it. We value again that which is authentic, and displays a human touch. We seek experiences that we can enjoy with a clear conscience. This holistic mindset brings opportunities in many industries, including boatbuilding.

Our concept is a luxury boat builder based in Turkey whose mission is to build planet-friendly runabouts that do not compromise either on performance or craftsmanship.The brand name ‘Sans’, meaning ‘star’ in Turkish, is inspired by the ability of these celestial bodies to fuse their own energy. The boats are propelled by advanced hybrid motors powered by solar panels integrated into the hull design.

Each boat is hand-built and uniquely crafted to the owner’s taste.

The name of the lead model of the range, ‘Epsilon’, reflects the celestial theme. Other models would be similarly named after other stars.